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 19 useful menu to control and know your  team!

  1. Player Information  >>  Enter the required information about your player's once

  2. Team Information >>  Creat list and print needed information 

  3. Tactical >> Watch the player's tactical progress and evaluate

  4. Technical >> Watch the player's technical progress and evaluate

  5. Mental >> Watch the player's mental situation and progress and evaluate

  6. Physical Performance >> Input your player's physical test results 

  7. Scouting >> Creat scouting database with video list and see with only one click

  8. Testing Program >> See the test results of Endurance, Speed, Agility, Power at any time

  9. Rehabilitation >> Follow injured players situation and get back to the field as soon as possible

  10. Training Movies >> Creat your training session file and movie list, share with your staff

  11. Game Analysis >> Store files and videos of all the matches you've analyzed

  12. Evaluation >> Keep track of how players develop and what's missing

  13. Game Report >> Input your game data players by players and stock

  14. Member List for Game >> Prepare the Game Member List very quickly

  15. Player List >> Follow your player's training attendance and more 

  16. Daily Training Program >> Creat your training session and stock day by day 

  17. Monthly Program >> coming soon with Ver.02 , You can follow your weekly and monthly program

  18. Seasonal Program>> coming soon with Ver.02, Creat and see your all training program

  19. Annual Program>> coming soon with Ver.02 , Creat and see your all  event program

  20. Setting>> You can change languages (Currently available in English and Japanese)

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Team Data Ver.01 Football


Windows Version Now On Sale

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  • Input all needed information and complete your shopping

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  • Another mail will be sent from Team Data, included Team Data Ver.01  Download file and product key in 10 minutes to 12 hours depending on your country location and local time 

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We, Soccer-ikusei.com, was founded in 2001. Until now, we have consistently introduced training DVDs and software to help non-special “ordinary” teams raise their level to world standards.

From too much information, we have carefully selected the ones that are absolutely useful and provided them to coaches in various categories.


In such activities, we felt that every coach needs software that can grasp the situation of the entire team based on the data of each player.

We started software development because the software we wanted was not on the market. It took a year and a half, but finally, we have a product that will satisfy even the professional team.
With this software, you can evaluate each player's ability and strengthen the whole team.

Our mission is to raise the level of soccer from the grassroots level, from professional teams to town clubs and school clubs, through the development of products that really help strengthen teams.



If you have any questions or concerns about Team Data, please feel free to contact us.



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